Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow in EX-04 Toukaede + FOTD

 EX-04 Toukaede was a limited edition quad from Suqqu's fall 2011 collection. The collection also released two permanent quads for its regular range, both of which are often in stock at I apologize for getting this review up so late; limited edition Suqqu quads tend to sell out extremely quickly, however, so I would not have been able to get this up 'in time' anyway. Hopefully you'll still find my opinions on the quality of Suqqu eyeshadows helpful.

I did fall in love with Suqqu's eyeshadow formulation; they're not too soft as to crumble or kick up powder but swatch very smoothly, with no dragging. Pigmentation is excellent; with the exception of the purposely sheer base eyeshadow, none of the colors needed a second layer to show up.

Toukaede is a mainly shimmery quad with the exception of the pale matte base eyeshadow that is included in each quad. Warm browns are usually not my favorite colors for eyeshadow but this combination worked out well for me.

 natural light



 natural light

 natural light; this picture may be more color accurate as the colors show up warmer than in the previous pic

Overall, I do think Suqqu eyeshadows live up to their hype, even if its exclusiveness makes obtaining more products a PITA. I definitely do plan on getting more Suqqu in the future, most likely cooler colors and purples, although Suqqu seems to love placing warm browns in their quads.

Suqqu is a high end Japanese brand and can be bought in the US by calling their counter at Selfridges in the UK to have an order shipped over to you, or by stalking, which seems to be frequently out of stock due to high demand of Suqqu products.

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  1. Very nice and useful colors...they can also be clubbed to create a nice and fancy look for the eyes...I love to do my eyesmineral lipstick